Digital Economy: Life As A Digital Nomad

Are you ready for the new digital economy?

One of the benefits some entrepreneurs, software developers, and infotech workers obtain is that they enjoy working at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world! For example, in ABCSoft Digital Solutions our teams enjoy either working remotely or working from the office.

There are lots of pros and cons to this lifestyle. You may be a digital nomad yourself and hence you might have experienced the advantages and disadvantages of this lifestyle. Whether we agree or disagree with this lifestyle, the truth is it is gaining increasing popularity in the current information economy.


  1. Freedom: You are completely free to work from anywhere at whatever time you chose. This also means the freedom to work from anywhere, whether your home, a cafe, a co-working space, or even when you are traveling to another country. This is a huge advantage but one has to take it cautiously since it is actually a double-sided weapon. In other words, If you can’t manage your time and have a clear distinction between your professional and personal lives then you will probably end up wrecked in our current era of ruthless Digital economy. There are many strategies that can help you bring clarity and organization to your professional and personal lives.
  2. Saving time: You save valuable commute time each day.


  1. You have to set up a whole bunch of things for yourself and your family including:
    1. Medical insurance.
    2. Your Digital nomad office setup. There is a huge difference in the setup of a freelance writer and a freelance graphic designer or developer.
    3. A regular stream of cash inflow.
  2. This could result in some conflicts in case you are working from a home office.


From our point of view, the pros outweigh the cons. However; this might not be the case with everyone.

Are you a digital nomad? willing to be so or just living the ordinary life of 9-5? Leave us a comment telling us.

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